Single Sign On

Single Sign On (SSO) at UMP

Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP) provide single access control fo user especially staff and students for granting an access to available application. User have to login once and will be granted to access related system without prompt to login again. If the user session ended, the system will automatically terminate access to current logged system or any other related system except the user have to login again. This to ensure every access are under control and secure.

Below is some application that can be access by Staff and Students.

  1. Memo
  2. MyLeave / Cuti
  3. TnT (Perjalanan dan Pengangkutan)
  4. MyWorkorder (Arahan Kerja)
  5. Bank Fail
  6. MyTraining / Sistem Latihan
  7. Direktori Staf
  8. Executive Approval System/Sistem Kelulusan Eksekutif
  9. Resource Booking
  10. E-Profile
  11. Sistem Penilaian Prestasi Staff
  12. E-Helpdesk
  13. MyARMS (Attendance)
  14. eGL (Surat Jaminan)
  15. E-Letter
  16. E-Meeting
  17. E-Filing
  18. MySKT
  19. MyAssetDeclaration
  20. E-Docket / Doket
  1. Memo
  2. MyTimeTable / Jadual Waktu
  3. Pendaftaran Kursus
  4. MyResult / Keputusan Peperiksaan
  5. Exam Schedule
  6. Student Activity
  7. E-Tempahan Kompleks Sukan
  8. Bank Fail / File Bank
  9. Student Outing
  10. Permohonan Pelekat Kenderaan
  11. E-PAT
  12. MyGrad
  13. Student Profile
  14. E-Annoucement
  15. MyFinance Info