Immigration & Visa


All international students are required to apply for student pass for the purpose of their study at UMP. Students are required to have a valid student pass / visa at all times throughout their study at University of Malaysia Pahang. To renew the student pass/visa, all required documents must be submitted at least one (1) month before the expiry date stated in the student pass/visa. Failing to do so, an extra amount of MYR100 (USD 30) is imposed to obtain a special pass. The student pass/visa extension procedure normally takes about one and a half months to process.

The students must apply the calling visa with the reference of student pass (VDR) while abroad (hometown). They have to contact the International Office of UMP for calling visa (VDR) application process. They are required to inform the preferred Malaysian Mission Abroad / Embassy nearby in order to get the endorsed visa to Malaysia. They are only permitted to enter Malaysia when the approval is given and endorsed visa is obtained.

For further information on immigration matters, please contact the International Office of UMP at +609-549 2631/2613 or email at