Vision, Mission, Objectives, Philosophy & Core Values


A Distinguished Technological University.


We provide world class education, research and services in an ecosystem of creative and innovative engineering and technology to maximize human potential for societal good.


  1. To produce outstanding graduates by providing competitive engineering and technological programmes.
  2. To spearhead cutting edge industry-relevant research initiatives.
  3. To be a leading service provider to industries and community based on our niche and areas of expertise.
  4. To be recognized as an institution for excellent management and work culture.


Knowledge, a trust bestowed by Allah to man vicegerent on earth, is to be fully utilized. Emphasis is an applied knowledge guided by Islamic values to develop human capital towards universal harmony and prosperity.

Core Values

  • Strong bond with the creator..
  • Steadfast in upholding shared principles.
  • Creative in making wise decisions.
  • Resolute in facing challenges.
  • Proactive in taking actions.